2022 Verde Valley Vettes Corvette Club Officers

Office Name Phone E-mail
President Ron Osborne 623-680-7856 krosborne@cox.net
Vice-President Russ Mendenhall 928-567-7468 rm4723@aol.com
Secretary Karen Nehring 847-650-9140 nehringkar@gmail.com
Treasurer Anne Bauer 262-353-2438 aebauer6@gmail.com
NCCC Governor Bob McFarland 928-282-1718 bluec5@live.com
Newsletter - Web Bernie Myers 928-301-9800 keokazoo47@gmail.com
Publicity Judy Dawson 928-641-6287 judithdawson@aol.com

These members have commited their time and efforts to help make 2022 a successful year for our club.  Please lend them your support.  For information regarding becoming a member, contact the NCCC Governor, Bob McFarland.